Yoni Soap 2 Deal

Yoni Soap 2 Deal

SKU: YS2D0001

Handmade, FDA approved all natural organic Yoni cleansing bar. Rich in essential oils, foams up well. Texture is very gentle and smooth. 


How To Use: Apply in the shower/bath to private and even your body.


Efficacy: Maintain vulva plump, pink and tender. Deeply cleans and improves skin.


Flavors: Papaya Cherry, Ginseng, Guava, Lavender, Arnebiae Radix, European Lavendar, Seaweed, Honey, Rose, Peach, Aloe, Volcanic Mud, Hami Melon, Bamboo Charcoal, Mint, Goat Milk, Blue Enchantress, Tea Tree & Strawberry.